Commercial Fishing Computer Systems

As Federal and State regulations have become more and more complex, and commercial fishing keeps getting tougher, computers have come to play an integral part of a successful trip.

Know Where You're Going... Know Where You've Been!!!
Commercial fishing software program that can display many types of raster and vector nautical charts called moving maps, including; C-Map and Navionics World-Wide vector Charts, MapTech, BSB'S CHS/NDI or NOS/NOAA and our own 2D and 3D bathymetrics. With ARPA Radar overlay, AIS tracking, FishFinder and Bottom Characteristic Options. With most GPS systems providing the capability to output position data, using low-cost PC equipment and popular chart plotting software becomes an extremely practical alternative to other types of systems.

Big Brother Is Watching You
The requirement for commercial fishing boats to have VMS can be a costly obstacle, with dedicated hardware systems costing $2,000 to $3,000 before the cost of installation. PC based VMS provides a cost effective alternative, while streamlining your electronics setup by eliminating the need for a whole separate dedicated VMS system, saving space and simplifying maintenance. The fines and costs associated with accidentally crossing over a boundary in a Closed Area could easily cost more than a PC based GPS Chart Plotter system needed to avoid those areas accurately.

Real-time Satellite Weather and Sea Surface Temps
Depending on the type of fishing, having up to the minute weather and sea surface conditions in the constantly changing ocean environment can be the critical difference between catching fish or coming home empty handed. Knowing where the breaks are can save you valuable time and fuel trying to locate those zones that are most likely to be productive.

Satellite Weather services and the hardware required to use them have become more cost effective than ever before with the potential to pay for themselves on a single trip. With the installation of a small antenna (roughly the size of a GPS antenna) and software installed on the PC in your wheel house, you can have instant access to the latest: