Accidentally wiped your Hard Drive? Your computer has stopped working or you have a faulty Hard Drive? Error Message: "incompatible OS or unrecognized format"? Deleted a file you needed? Lost your photos or music when you wiped or formatted your memory stick?

We Can Recover Data From All Types of Situations
Data recovery basically means taking files that were once damaged or corrupted due to either natural disasters, virus attacks, user errors, software errors or hardware failures and restoring or retrieving the data in those files.

The Last Resort
Data recovery poses the last option to recover deleted, lost, corrupt, or damaged files, once local and network backups have failed. Data recovery encompasses all aspects of recovering bits of data, ranging from automated data recovery software that revive files from the dead; to emergency data recovery service performed in a cleanroom environment.

In most cases, the majority of the data is recoverable, so don't automatically assume that your data can't be recovered. The ballpark average percentage of successful retrievals is in the 80-90% range.
And if you've been told that your data is unretrievable, we suggest you get a second opinion from another service just to make sure.