Desktop Servers

Desktop Personal Computers (PC's) have become an indespensible tool in all types of business. Their versatility and usefulness are unparalleled in the world of electronics and business machines.

Standardization = Compatibility, More Options & Lower Cost
PC's conform to a set of standardized hardware specifications. Competition among many manufacturers helps keep prices down, and stimulates development of virtually limitless add-ons, expansion and upgrade options, extending the usable life of equipment by years.

Computers Should Be Productive Tools
Our emphasis is on making PC's productive tools in the workplace. We specialize in helping you get the maximum return on investment from your hardware and software purchases by supplying you with PC's that are designed specifically to meet the needs of each specific application, avoiding wasteful spending on useless components and features that will never be needed or used.

Simplicity and Dependability are Key
The standardized architecture of Desktop PCs is ideally suited for use in business because: they are extremely reliable and resilient; replacement parts, upgrades and add-on components are widely available at reasonable prices, facilitating rapid repair / replacement of malfunctioning or damaged systems or expansion of existing systems.