Hardware / Software Updates

Keeping up with advancements in PC technology is a full time commitment. Computer speed, power and multimedia capabilities race ahead, so a PC's hardware can quickly fall behind the demands of modern software. Rather than replacing PCs to keep pace, it's far more practical to upgrade hardware components when necessary.

Outgrowing Your Factory Installed Hard Drive?
It's not uncommon for users to outgrow the size of the hard drive that came installed in a PC from the factory. Digital Photography and Video, Music, and other such information can consume vast amounts of hard drive space. We can replace you computers small hard drive, with a new larger hard drive, transferring everything to the new drive so your computer stays exactly the same, except for having more hard drive space.

The Need For Speed
The Solid State Hard Drive (SSD) is the next quantum leap in performance for mainstream day-to-day business computer system. With no moving parts, SSDs offer unrivaled speed and no vulnerability to mechanical failures when compared with traditional Hard Disk Drives (HDD). Concerns over performance degradation from disk fragmentation become a thing of the past with ultra low latency non-sequential reads offered by SSD technology. That means everything loads faster! The average user may notice up to a 10X performance improvement by upgrading to SSD. Our technicians can upgrade your PC to an SSD without having to reinstall or set up any software or hardware. This is by far the most cost effective performance upgrade for an older PC from a cost perspective.

Additionally, as software is constantly updated more and more RAM memory is required to function efficiently. RAM memory upgrades are an easy and economical way to get better performance from your computers. However, there exists a staggering array of different types of RAM memory, which makes the process of determining the correct type to use for your system an almost overwhelming challenge for those with little or no knowledge in the area. We can help you effortlessly select and install the correct RAM upgrades to maximize your systems performance at a minimum cost.