Service Rates

On-Site Service: $180/hour (1 hour minimum)

EMERGENCY Serviceǂ: $240/hour (1 hour minimum)

ǂ Any unscheduled on-site service call will be billed at the EMERGENCY Service rate.

Drop-Off / Off-Site Service: $100/hour

Drop-off Service is available in Montauk ONLY for desktop computers, laptops, printers, networking & wireless equipment and more.

Normal turn-around time varies from 24-48 hours (not including delivery time for required/replacement equipment if applicable).

No minimum charges apply, you are only charged for the actual time spent working on your equipment.

Please call 631-668-6402 for drop-off location.


  • When dropping off PCs please DO NOT bring any cables, just the tower, or desktop unit. 
  • When dropping off Laptops please include your power adapter.

Equipment Pickup / Drop-Off: $40 flat fee

A qualified technician will come to your location to disconnect and pick-up or drop-off and reconnect PCs and/or related equipment for Off-Site service. (Note: no additional on-site service is included in this fee, any additional services provided on-site will be billed at the regular hourly rate)

Remote* Technical Support: $95/hour (1/2 hour minimum)

We can quickly connect to your computer and remotely correct many common issues. Existing client account, or credit card required for this service. Please call 631-668-6402 to get started immediately.

NOTE: Computer must be able to connect to Internet to utilize this service.

Remote* Data Entry Service: as low as $12/hour

Our highly qualified data entry specialists connect to your computer(s) and work on your computer system from their remote location, around the clock if necessary, to expedite even the biggest data entry projects.

Conference Call Consultations: $250/hour (1 hour minimum)

If you need a scheduled Conference Call Consultation to discuss IT related planning, implementation, issues, etc. we can participate in pre-scheduled group calls if required.

* Broadband Internet connection such as Fiber Optic, Cable Modem or StarLink required for Remote Services.